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By | May 27, 2022
takken 3

Tekken 3 Mobile V1.5

The world-famous fighting games Tekken 3 and its series have been brought to mobile! Intuitive, deep combat with fighters from around the world allows you to join famous fighters. Play the Dojo Master role and collect upgrades, fight, and train with your favourite fighters from the legendary TEKKEN video games.



CHALLENGE and rotational LIVE EVENT challenges

Many Tekken lovers would rejoice, regardless of how the game does. While the fighting game does not offer the same depth or control as the console version, the solid controls make it one among the top fighting games on mobile.

This version of Tekken puts you in the role of one of the contestants for the King of Iron Fist tournament. This version of Tekken is simple to operate and does a great job replicating the popular series. There are many characters to choose from and a wide variety of locations. The only way to restore your characters’ health is through pickups.

This version also does not feature the same deep combo attack system as the console versions. You can still enjoy it if there’s nothing else to do.

Tekken Gameplay

The King of Iron Fist tournament will take place in this mobile version of TEKKEN. To beat their competition, players play as a variety of colorful characters. Players use simple touch controls and land a series kicks and punches. Although this card can trigger special attack maneuvers, it’s much easier than other franchises.

Ads are annoying and you must share with your friends to receive power-ups. These may not be a problem for fans, as they can still enjoy the nostalgic bringing characters to life and stages. The experience might be difficult for beginners, especially if they’ve never played Tekken 3 console-style. Also, with so many high-end brawl titles on the market, you may not feel comfortable playing the Tekken 3.

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