How To Check the Number of SIMS On Your ID Card?

How To Check the Number of SIMS On Your ID Card?

Hey, are you peeping into various sites to know how to check the number of sims on your ID card? Your answer can be “hell yes”. That’s because most of the peeps are unaware of the sims registered on their ID card. And if they want to check it, they don’t have accurate information about the checking process.

If you leave it unchecked, you can be the reason for any illegal activity or terrorist attacks. But no need to fret at all. We’re here to help you out in this regard. We are sure after stepping into the final verdict; you’ll have all the necessary information. So let the cat out of the bag to know all the steps.

The Most Effectual Ways to Follow

Yes, you’ll find several ways on the internet. But by following them, you get zero results. Just follow the methods discussed below and get the exact information.

  • Through Website of
  • Through SMS to 668

Let’s start with the first one.

Through Website of

  • To check the number of sims issued on your ID card, go to the site
  • You’ll have a webpage in front of you with a box asking you to insert your CNIC number in it.
  • Next is a verifying step. So, please prove that you are not a robot by clicking on the box and submitting it.
  • After this, you’ll see a chart showing all the registered SIM cards on your given ID card.

Check if an unknown SIM is registered on your CNIC, but you are unaware of it, or it isn’t by your side. If there is such a SIM, immediately go to the Customer Service Centre and ask them to block it.

Through SMS to 668

Not all people have internet access all the time. So does it mean they can’t check the registered SIMs? No, not at all. There’s another way to complete this task. And this one is much simpler even for those who are not masters in using the internet.

Just a single SMS, and you’ll get all the required information.

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Write your CNIC number in SMS and send it to 668. And ta-dah, you’ll receive a reply within seconds showing the total number of SIMs issued.

But note that both the processes will only provide you with the total number of SIMs from all the operators. These ways won’t provide you with the SIM numbers.

Some Different Ways for Different SIMS Operators

The third method is to know the number of SIMs on a particular SIM operator company.

For Telenor

There are various ways to check the number of SIMs on Telenor. You can opt for any of these.

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The first one is to send a blank message to 7750. This will answer in providing you information about your nearest Telenor retail store. You can visit it to check the CNIC SIM check.

The second way is to call on 345 and ask the operator to provide you with information about the details of your SIM card. Thirdly, you can send a blank text to 7421.

For Jazz

It needs nothing but just a single text to 6001. But a blank text or with your CNIC number? Yes, you’ve to write your CNIC number to 6001.

For Zong

If you are a Zong SIM user, you have to follow the ways different from the other operators.

For this, you’ve to send your CNIC number to 668.

But you can also ask verbally to the operator. For this, you’ll have to call 301.

For Ufone

To verify your mobile number, you’ll have to open your call keypad and dial *335*.

After this, you’ll get a list of options.

In the answer, dial 1, and you’ll get the answer to your question.

If you don’t want to go with this method, there’s another option for you. It‘s to visit the Ufone Care Centre and ask them to provide you with all the details.

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Final Words

If you have an unknown SIM issued on your ID card, please don’t ignore it. Your little ignorance can let you face serious issues. Don’t let anyone misuse your CNIC information. Follow any of the ways mentioned above to know all the details. If you find anyone doing this, fire a complaint to block that number. For more visit our Android Apps section.

And don’t forget to use sim information checking tool named “Pakistan Sim Information”.



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